Big wallet; little wallet!

Now, I know this isn’t beauty-related. At least not directly. But I have been in the market for a new wallet for several months. My last wallet had some holes, and really wasn’t cutting it anymore. My natural instinct is to jump onto Coach’s website, and order myself something, but I thought I’d shop around this time to see if I could find something that fit more in my, er, student range of pricing.

Look what I found! wallets

Where did I find these lovely gems? Bentley, believe it or not! I rarely go into the store, but I thought I’d see what they had. Amongst the piles and piles of shitty, boring wallets, I found these. They had several different designs, but these two caught my eye right away. It just so happens that there was a “Buy One, Get One 50% Off” sale, and they also take the SPC card, so it was a win. 2 wallets for $30! Here are the wallets in further detail:

inside of walletoutside of wallet

inside of walletoutside of wallet

The first wallet, which is a lovely small size, light grey colour, with a gorgeous black and white design of branches sprouting black and white flowers, has a cute little black bird perched atop the branch on the front. It is such a simple wallet, with room for 10 different “cards” of sorts, and one compartment for cash. There’s also a cute snap pouch for change, and the main clasp that closes the wallet is magnetized so it fastens with ease.

The second wallet is a full-size wallet, with a gorgeous meditative design. It’s a dark purple colour, depicting what could be perceived as some sort of Buddhist or Hindu deity meditating on a lotus flower. The white circular design covers the entire outside of the wallet, which I really like. Inside, it is also quite exciting. With 12 slots for your cards, you won’t need to leave any in another wallet (I hope you don’t have any more cards than that!).  It’s also got four full-length compartments for cash, or whatever else you’d like to put in there (I don’t judge). Personally, I’ve found room for my hairstylist’s business card, and my best friend’s creepy (but sexy) passport photo. There’s a nice and big zip up pouch for change, which I really love. It is hidden nicely inside the wallet, making it secure and hidden. I’m not a fan of the change compartments being on the outside.

Vegans and animal rights advocates rejoice! These products are leather-free, so no animal was harmed in the making of it. The company who manufactured these is called ShagWear, and they are a Canadian company. Check them out, and thank you for reading!


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