So much makeup! Where do I put all of it!?

I spent a good portion of today re-organizing most of my skin care and makeup supplies in my room, and bathroom. As it always seems to be growing, I wanted to find something that would hold everything, but at the same time make everything relatively easy to access. Before I show you pictures, I would first like to say thank you to shoeboxes, and stackable storage chests!

I’ll start with my bathroom. I have limited storage space in there, and the tank of my toilet was getting pretty full and obnoxious looking with so many products, and no real organization to them. I’m a big fan of shoebox organization; it keeps things that you want together, and makes it easy to clean the surfaces below. I put all the products that I use on a regular basis in a shoebox on the top of my toilet tank, which is right beside my shower. The rest of the products were moved into my room. Take a look!

I put my daily cleansers, exfoliator, and toners, moisturizers, eye makeup remover, face masks,  shaving cream, conditioner, and hair treatments in this shoebox, and they fit perfectly. Beside it I have 2 small containers, one is another face mask, and my Ole Henriksen scrub. I used an old tall tea container to store my combs. Okay, so it isn’t super “feng shui”, but it is simple, and I didn’t have to buy anything. I’m thinking of decorating or covering the shoebox in wrapping paper to make it more colourful.

On my vanity, I have this cute little oddly shaped porcelain bowl that I keep my elastics, hair clips, and bobby pins. Next to it, I found this shiny red square “plate” that I can keep a ready-to-use supply of q-tips, makeup removal pads, and whatever else my awesomely organized little heart desires (in this case, my Aubrey Organics Rose Hip Seed Oil, some reiki-infused bath salts, and nail clippers).

In my room, I store all of my makeup, and have managed to keep it contained within two drawers of my storage chest. Take a look! The top drawer even has organizing compartments on top so there is no room that goes unused. Love it! On top I have my nail polish remover, body butter, mineral veil, moisturizers, deodorant, a makeup bag with concealers, primers, small brushes, and other small products.

I used a few smaller boxes to organize my nail polish, individual and smaller eyeshadow palettes, and lip products (and perfumes). Everything else is  organized together

(foundations – liquid, foundations – powder, bronzers, blushes, larger eyeshadow palettes). In the middle of the top drawer I have a bottle with my favourite makeup brushes (most are from the E.L.F. Studio Line!).

The second drawer contains an assortment of hair, body, and skin care products that I don’t use as often but don’t get want to part with, a jar full of mascaras(which I totally forgot to include in the first drawer!), and eye liners.

In the the bottom drawer, I put my favourite headbands in, plus other makeup supplies like sponges, makeup removal pads, and I managed to sneak my hemp twine and beads in there as well (yeah, I make jewelry when I’m really bored…).

The cost behind all of this organization cost me under $10! The storage chest cost about $5 at Zellers, and the dishes I used on my bathroom vanity I got for $1.50 each at the Dollar Store, and the shoeboxes were a complimentary gift I got with the shoes I bought years ago(ah, if only all my makeup cost me under $10). Pretty awesome! I’d like to get some more of these storage chests for other purposes too.

So, that is what I spent much of my Easter Sunday doing! I hope you enjoy organizing your beauty collection as much as I do, and I hope this helped with some ideas for organizing your collection.


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