Porcfest 2011 Series – More awesome contributions to the Silent Auction

We all know that a strong sense of entrepreneurship exists in the liberty community. Many of us prefer to be our own boss, and while I’m not at that point yet, I can still envy and go on and on about those who have been able to take their skills and make a living out of them.

The next contributor that has come forward to donate his talents is web developer Franz Honer. Franz contacted me and offered up his web developing and consulting services as a donation. As someone who has been working professionally in the web design business for over 10 years, Franz has the expertise and insight required to advise you on how to start your own website for fun or for business purposes. He has put forth a donation of a gift certificate, which entitles the winning bidder to three hours of Franz’ hard work and expertise put towards developing your identity on the web, or any other of the services he mentions below!

You can visit Franz’s website for further information about him and his services at www.franzhoner.com, and discover the “many hats” Franz wears, which enable him to provide guidance for all elements — from consulting, to design, or marketing — of your web developing project.

Franz first heard about the Porcupine Freedom Festival through the Free State Project, of which he is a participant. He moved from Maine to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project in 2008, and he cannot wait to see you all at this year’s Porcfest!


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