Physician’s Formula Eye Booster update, verdict, and other product recommendation!

Just a short update:

If you recall, about a month ago or so I wrote about a Physician’s Formula Eye Booster eye lash enhancer. I promised I would give you a final verdict or update on the product and how effective it was, or wasn’t.

At most, I noticed my lashes were better conditioned from this product. I did not really notice any major different in the length, or thickness to my lashes. Ultimately, the biggest change came from how I curled my lashes and applied my mascara. When it came down to it, I found that coconut oil was a much better conditioner for my lashes than this product.

Here are my before and after result photos.

Before Eye Booster serum – I apologize for the lighting!

After 3 weeks of using the Eye Booster, day and night.

I wish I had taken the photos in the same place. Now I know which place is best for lighting! So, bottom line – don’t waste your money on this product. I’ve heard much better things from the Talika Lipocils, though it is a lot more expensive, at $45.16 (odd price) on their website!

Here is a great video review of the Talika Lipocils product, done by ILoveGerardo aka Iris on YouTube. Check out the video below if you’re interested, and check out her channel too! I’ll do a review on the Lipocils myself if I do end up purchasing it!


3 responses

  1. Dear Classy Anarchist,

    I find your before and after pictures quite sexy! I think you should save your money and quite purchasing any products! You are perfect just the way you are!
    Love ya!

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