Makeup brushes for $1?! Are you kidding me!?

I was sipping some ginseng green tea with honey out of a new massive mug a friend got for me for my birthday (it came as the base to an edible fruit arrangement), and I thought it was time to get my ass in gear and write about some freakin’ makeup brushes! (Here’s a secret: I was also thinking about how badly these eyebrows need some work) This is what I pulled out of my brain:

So you’re looking for some makeup brushes, and you don’t want to spend $25+ per brush. But at the same time, you’d like brushes with a certain level of quality to them. I am no brush connoisseur, but I do know where you can get brushes at a better-than-you’d-think level of quality for an extremely low price. The great thing about this company’s brushes is, if you feel like upgrading, you can go from their Essential line, to their Studio line, for only an extra $2!

I bet you’re curious as to who this company is, if you don’t know who I’m talking about already. I first heard of them on YouTube amongst the beauty community; a common aside was the “well, everything cost me only $1 each”, and curiosity got the best of me!

Late last summer, I placed my first order with E.L.F., or Eyes Lips Face, and I ordered a modest bundle of goodies, ranging from their All Over Cover Stick, to several different eyeshadow quads(the ones I got were in Butternut and Drama). I also picked up my first few E.L.F. brushes. These were from their Essential line, where EVERY individual brush costs $1 each. If you are new to makeup, these are definitely great to get started with.

In the photo below, here we have four of the brushes from E.L.F.’s Essential Line. From left to right: their Brow Comb & Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush (which I obviously have not been using for concealer), and their Eye Shadow Brush.

Some of E.L.F.’s Essential line Brushes

I have found the brow comb pretty handy when shaping my insanely out of control eyebrows (I must have some Greek heritage in me), and the eye shadow brush works pretty damn decent considering the price. The bristles on these brushes are soft and feel quite nice on the face. I tried the foundation brush for foundation application, and I wasn’t a fan. It is very soft, but I prefer to apply foundation with my hands, or a stippling-type brush. Personal preference, that’s all! As for the concealer brush, I found it pretty useful when it came to smudging pencil eyeliner or shadow around my lids. I usually use my fingers to apply concealer, so I have never used this brush for the purpose it was designed for.

Now we must proceed onto my second E.L.F. order that I placed, which includes the Studio line of brushes.

After one successful order, I thought it would be fun to try some products from other E.L.F. lines. I ordered five different brushes from their Studio line, after I have heard mostly positive reviews, and I wanted to try them out for myself!

Several brushes from E.L.F’s Studio line!

Here they are on the right! In order from left to right, we’ve got their Kabuki Face Brush (soooo soft!), Powder Brush, Complexion Brush, Eyeshadow “C” Brush, and Small Angled Brush.

When I am not using my old stippling brush for foundation, I use the E.L.F. Studio line’s Powder Brush! It is great for spreading foundation into the crevices around your nose, and blends very well. The Complexion brush is great for blush and bronzer application, or even a mineral veil a la Bare Escentuals. The Kabuki, I also love for blush and bronzer, and it is so damn soft! The Studio line’s Eyeshadow “C” Brush is definitely better than the same brush from the Essential line. It really packs on the colour and blends well. The Small Angled Brush is fun to use for eyeliner, or shadow on the lash line. I prefer using my Quo Angled Eye Liner Brush, because it gives me a more precise application. E.L.F. has one as well, so try it and let me know what you think!

I accidentally forgot to include the one brush I did not like from the Studio line in the above photo. The Contour Brush did not work very well for me. I felt the bristles were extremely sparse and poorly put together (it almost came apart one of my first times using it!). Bottom line was, I just didn’t find a good use for it, and it didn’t contour very well.  Alas, it only cost me $3 (actually, they had a sale of 55% off everything at the time, so I paid less than that – go me!).

I have heard some complaints from people, who say that E.L.F.’s brushes aren’t densely packed enough, and their bristles are more sparse than some higher-end brands. I can agree with this when it comes to the Complexion Brush. It definitely isn’t as dense as the Powder Brush, but I use it for blush and bronzer, and don’t want massive amounts of colour on the brush anyways.

If these brushes cost me what most brushes cost, I would definitely be more harsh. But even some of these brushes compare to the higher-end brushes, with similar quality and performance. Not does E.L.F. indicate which of the Studio line’s brushes are vegan friendly (quite a few), but the entire company is PETA certified and Cruelty-Free! BAZINGA!

Apparently, this is my “I’m all out of tea” face…

If you’re new to makeup, or just don’t have a ton of money to fork over, E.L.F.’s makeup brushes can get you ready for your day or your night out. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good quality brushes that will last. I’ve had my Studio brushes for about 6 months, and I use them almost everyday.

E.L.F. currently has a sale (which they frequently do), on their Mineral line, which is 50% off the entire line! Please go check them out, and tell me about your experience!

Well, my tea is all out! Time to go fix these damned eyebrows and wash my hair! Hope you enjoyed this, and happy Sunday!


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