Skin care Superfruit Part 2

I’m going to dedicate this review to my favourite Sibu Beauty product. I was initially going to write about the following 2-3 samples that I had received, but I wanted to write about the products that I am most passionate about instead.

For more information on Sibu Beauty, please check out previous entries, or visit their website!

The item I want to talk about is the Sibu Beauty Face and Body Bar. They call it a facial soap on their website, but the packaging says it is for face and body.  I used it on my face and body, and boy do I love it! It’s got such a light scent (kind of citrus-sea buckthorn mix), and lathers quite nicely.

This product claims to: clean and condition skin, act as a natural astringent, inhibit bacterial growth, revitalize skin cells, promote tissue recovery and healing, and is suitable for all skin types.

This bar is great for removing makeup, exfoliating (must be the oatmeal they put in the bar!), and keeping my skin clear and clean. I love the feeling it leaves once I rinse my face, and it is a great way to exfoliate and cleanse your body as well! My skin has looked great (very minimal number of blemishes) since I started using Sibu’s products, and this face and body bar is by far one of my favourites.

Here is the delightfully short-ish list of ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin, purified water, oatmeal, sodium hydroxide, sea buckthorn puree, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, fragrance orange/lemon, soybean protein, sea buckthorn leaves, titanium dioxide.

I can’t tell you what exactly the reason for the sorbitol, a sweetener, but now I am tempted to take a bite out of it. In case you’re curious, sorbitan oleate is used as an emulsifier in lotions and other products. Why titanium dioxide? I am not sure about that either, but here is an article for your reading pleasure about titanium dioxide. Aside from that bit of ingredient confusion, the others are pretty self-explanatory.

Another great thing about this product is the price! On Vitacost, the product is just about $6 a piece, and you can order a three-pack for $16.95 on Sibu Beauty’s website.

Overall, I really enjoy this product. It is a cheaply-priced cleanser that works very well for my face and body. I can use one side for exfoliating, and the other side is softer so can be used for daily cleansing. I definitely recommend this for someone who wants a multitasking cleanser that works on their body and face for cleansing and exfoliating. This also does not dry out my skin one bit – and it has my holy grail ingredient coconut oil in it!


Next, I will review Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Daytime Facial Cream!


3 responses

  1. I wanted to learn more about the product so I googled it… found the company’s site. They are selling this for almost 50 freakin’ bucks! No wonder people want to buy it off Not only this, but there are some “strange” ingredients. It makes claims that it has “natural oils”, but there are no natural oils specified in the ingredients.

    Cleansing Agent (what the fuck – can you be more specific?), Dead Sea Salt, Thickening Agent(HUH? There are quite a few of those, specify please?), Retinyl Palmitate (Vit. A), Pantothenic Acid (Vit. B5), Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C), Cholecalciferol (Vit. D3), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E Acetate), Phytonadione (Vit. K), Fragrance.

    May Contain: FD & C Blue #1, FD & C Red #33, FD & C Orange #4, FD & C Yellow #5.

    Hahah, it’s interesting to know what kind of skin care products you’re into. Good to know though, they have a pretty official signed statement against animal testing on their site.

  2. Holy crap! $50 – No, I get mine at a kiosk at my local mall from a persuasive Israeli man. It’s just an occasional thing I basically only use as a foot scrub….

    Seriously… One could probably make something similar with lemon rinds, epsom salts, food coloring, and a little bit of dish soap…

    Also, I think, that the natural oils they are referring to, are your OWN oils… I think… Seems like they are saying that this removes the dead skin, allowing your own natural ‘skin grease’ (hehe) to do it’s thing rather than soaking into the dead cells.

    The thing I find most amusing about the link you posted there, is that I bought this from this obviously Israeli company, and this website describes itself as being for silky, smooth skin…. YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN. 😀

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