Much needed clarification: Yves Rocher’s Animal Testing Policy

**Clarification upon this clarification: Yves Rocher is NOT cruelty-free, though they were at one point. The article cited in this post dates back to a time where they were certified by One Voice, though they have been unable to maintain this status.

The blog entry I made last year, that questioned Yves Rocher’s animal testing policy, generated a lot of talk (which is awesome!). I just wanted to post up a brief entry, once and for all, to ensure consumers that the company DOES NOT test.

Yves Rocher receives ‘not tested on animals’ label from One Voice.

English information on One Voice’s Website

I have been attempting to navigate One Voice’s website to actually find the official list from them of companies that they certify, because I can’t find an indication on Yves Rocher’s site (Canada’s or France’s), that they’re One Voice certified. Unfortunately, I only know Canadian French, and I’m not even fluent; I could be totally missing it!

Regardless, One Voice seems to be a great organization. I also read that the high-end (and awesome) brand Caudalie is also certified by One Voice.

Caudalie’s cruelty-free policy, as indicated on their website

Interestingly, Caudalie makes it perfectly clear that they are certified not only by One Voice, but by PETA as well.

If anyone can happen to locate an official list from One Voice to show who they certify, that would be absolutely fabulous. I’ll contact them myself to see if they can forward me to the list directly.

Despite Yves Rocher not testing on animals, I still don’t regularly use their stuff, but I think it’s quite important to let everyone know where they officially stand as far as animal testing is concerned.


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  1. Hello! I was very interested to read your post as I have been chasing info on the internet about Yves Rocher as well. ‘Uncaged’ have told me the following
    ‘I’m afraid Yves Rocher have very recently been removed from the (good) cruelty-free lists as they now test on animals in order to sell their products in China – who demand animal safety data.’
    I have just sent an e mail off to Yves Rocher about this but it is hard to find the right address to send it to!
    I would really like it to be not true but if uncaged are right, then Y.R. have joined Avon, Mary Kay & Estee Lauder and gone back on their animal testing policy.

    • Rubia, thank you for your thoughts! I was unaware of Uncaged, but have since googled them and am browsing their website now. And indeed, they have a lot of new information to offer about certain companies that I was unaware of. I emailed Yves Rocher about this in my original blog entry, last year. No company wants to out right admit they conduct animal testing, because it’s disgusting and completely unnecessary. I did hear about Avon and Mary Kay reverting to animal testing for the purposes of selling to China.

      I still have yet to contact One Voice (in the middle of finals @ Uni), but I plan on contacting them, as well as Leaping Bunny, to get their take on Yves Rocher’s status. I think the more cruelty-free certification organizations that we contact can help us narrow down exactly where Yves Rocher stands.

      • Thanks for getting back to me and good luck with the exams! I will keep digging and let you know if I come up with anything else on Yves Rocher.

    • Marta – I apologize! I’ve just finished finals, and haven’t had much time to focus on anything else. I will contact them as soon as I can. Feel free to contact them as well; the more people who emphasize the importance of cruelty-free products, the better.

      • Hi, I have been in touch and am now awaiting an e mail from an ‘expert’ as the lady who got back to me couldn’t answer my question. This doesn’t bode well in my opinion and also I have no reason to think that ‘Uncaged’ are wrong, but as you say the more people who ask the question will show them that we DO care and don’t want to buy from them if they are now animal testing.
        Hope the exams are going well 🙂 x

      • Thank you for taking the time to contact them, Rubia! My exams and the entire semester are complete as of yesterday, so expect to see activity on my part 🙂

        **I’ve since contacted and heard back from Leaping Bunny and One Voice. Check my most recent blog post to see my response from Leaping Bunny. I’ll be posting my response from One Voice ASAP.

  2. ‘Rubia in Jimena’ is absolutely right. Yves Rocher has recently started testing because of the lucrative Chinese market. They have been removed from the “approved” list by the Swedish equivalent to PETA. (And the link at the top of this page is two years old after all.)

    • Yes, you’re right Jesper. I thought it relevant to post that article, regardless. The questionable nature of Yves Rocher’s animal testing policy has been such a back and forth mystery. If you check out my most recent post, though, I’ve got confirmation by Leaping Bunny they they are NOT cruelty-free. I’m curious, what is the Swedish equivalent to PETA? Do you have a URL for them?

  3. My Mother used to buy off Yves Rocher in the 70’s saying they were cruelty free, but it appears they are no longer such. They’ve lost my custom, I will email them and tell them why too.

  4. Thank you for this!!! I bought another Yves rocher foundation yesterday and was shocked when I remembered someone once told me it was tested on animals!

    However, I was a bit confused by this part first.
    “Clarification upon this clarification: Yves Rocher is NOT cruelty-free, though they were at one point. The article cited in this post dates back to a time where they were certified by One Voice, though they have been unable to maintain this status.”

    Was this your other blogpost and how come you made these claims actually?
    I’m just really curious because I want to be sure before buying from yves rocher again!!

    Thanks xx

  5. Hi Donna! Thanks for your comments 🙂
    I had updated this blog post, with the clarification at the top, to inform people that Yves Rocher is not cruelty-free. The blog post I cited/linked to in this particular entry was not written by me (this one here dated February 2010: , and while they were once cruelty-free and complying with One Voice criteria, they no longer are (at least not at the time this post was written), and they are also not in compliance with Leaping Bunny’s policy (which I wrote about here:
    According to my knowledge, they still are not cruelty-free, so if you only shop cruelty-free, I would avoid them. Hope that helps 🙂

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