A Letter to Leaping Bunny; re: Yves Yocher’s Animal Testing Policy

Hi, everyone! I know that the status of Yves Rocher’s animal testing policy has been a major concern. Ever since I posted the first entry about Yves Rocher in 2011, it has remained a constant topic; a topic that I also agree is very important and necessary to discuss. Despite the article from 2010 confirming Yves Rocher’s cruelty-free certification from One Voice, speculation has remained.

Here is the email I sent to Leaping Bunny; I also sent a similar version to One Voice.


I run a cruelty-free blog (https://theclassyanarchist.wordpress.com/), and have regularly consulted your website regarding cruelty-free companies. One company, in particular, has come to my attention. One of my most regularly consulted posts has been about the animal-testing policy of Yves Rocher. I have always suspected their integrity, which is why I initially posted this: https://theclassyanarchist.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/yves-rocher-what-is-your-animal-testing-policy/ , and have since received much response. At the time I posted this, apparently Yves Rocher was on your list of cruelty-free companies, but I notice they are no longer there.

Can you provide some insight on this, so I can post the information on my blog and let others know? If Yves Rocher is no longer certified by Leaping Bunny, then I feel it is very important to inform as many as possible about this.

Thank you for reading,

Alyson R
The Classy Anarchist

I plan on posting a generic letter format that anyone can use to send to companies to consult them about their animal-testing policies, or to consult an organization such as Leaping Bunny or One Voice, to check up on the status of a company. This is a very important issue, and the more people who contact these companies, the more likely things will change.

Thanks for your help!


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