My Arbonne Experience – Part One

I am always surprised when I learn of a beauty company that is right up my alley, but has been beyond my radar for so long! I heard about Arbonne from a friend of mine, who had told me his sister was a representative for the company. I bring up my blog quite often, because it’s such a big part of my life, and a great way to network with great people.

I arranged for a product party to be hosted at my house, and the lovely respresentative Denise came with an also lovely assortment of Arbonne goodies! She arrived to show my mother and I several of their lines, including the RE9 line, the FC5 line, ABC Arbonne Baby Care, the Seasource Detox Spa line of products, their makeup, and more! The product party experience was a wonderful (and complimentary) way to learn about Arbonne’s ethics and the company; a company that follows Swiss standards of skin care and beauty – a much higher standard than we see here in North America. My mother and I were pampered with face masks, foot soaks, and hand massages. Such a delightful afternoon! Especially in the middle of my final exams.

Fun fact about Arbonne’s products: they are 100% VEGAN-CERTIFIED!

To read more about the company, and it’s ethics, check out this link.

While there are endless products to test and try, I was provided with two of their major skin care lines to sample and review.

Here I will be talking about their FC5 Line, namely the Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener, Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20, and the Moisturizing Night Creme.

What surprised me the most about these three products (and really, all the Arbonne products I tried), was how little of each product I needed each time for sufficient use.

Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener

  • contains fresh strawberry cell extracts, and a Moisture Fresh Complex
  • so gentle, and creamy; it smells exactly like fresh strawberries – a smell that had me smiling every time!
  • Check out the complete ingredient list
    – impressive!
  • Washes off easily; left my skin moist and happy

Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20

  • with fresh kiwi cell extracts and Moisture Fresh Complex
  • HALF a dime-size was enough for my entire face – yes, folks!
  • after applying it, my face felt hydrated, bright, and nourished – but these benefits didn’t last as long as I’d hoped.
  • Delicious ingredients!

Moisturizing Night Creme

  • with fresh mango cell extracts and Moisture Fresh Complex
  • a heavier, more hydrating cream than the day lotion (as expected for a night cream); I found my skin preferred this cream more.
  • Here‘s what’s in this night cream!

The samples I used (which took 3.5 weeks to go through, ps!), were 6ml size sample packs.

So what do I think overall?

  • Fabulous ingredients (paraben-free, loaded with essential oils, and nutritious extracts)!
  • These are great products for someone with normal / minimally dry skin, that is not unusually sensitive (like mine can be). I did not find the FC5 products to be hydrating enough for myself, but this could be due to my regular routine being very essential oil heavy; and my skin has some extremely weird “sensitivities” that I’ve learned to treat with my own unique assortment of products. I’m still looking forward to incorporating other Arbonne products into my regular regimen, despite this! 🙂
  • For those with skin aside from dry skin: there is also an FC5 line for oily/combination skin!
  • You will take forever to go through even one of these products – such little is needed each time; this is great for the environment, and our precious wallets.
  • These goodies run from $31 to $51 CAN. If your skin is more balanced, and less dry, I’d definitely consider making these products part of your regular skin care regimen.

If you’d like to get your hands on some FC5, learn more about Arbonne, and maybe even host a party yourself, check out their site, and to place an order, contact the wonderful Denise Wreford. Her Arbonne Sponsor ID is 115484888, and you can reach her via email at

Keep your eyes peeled, my lovelies – I will be dishing out my experience & details on the RE9 line, plus what Arbonne goodies are on my birthday list!


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  1. Good morning! (it is here, anyway). I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award – tag, you’re it! just pop over to my blog and grab the details and photo of the award if you like 🙂

      • Dry, for the most part. Obscenely dry. But occasionally oily in the t-zone (but not often anymore). It’s gotten a lot better / balanced since I started using more oils in my regimen! One of my favourite cleansers is Derma E’s Very Clear Problem Skin Cleanser!

      • Oh okay. It’s pretty normal for people to have oily t-zones. Yeah adding more oils helps to balance the complexion for sure. I like Derma E, but I found that I can’t use many of their products for a prolonged period of time. I have combination skin and their products hardcore dry my skin out after awhile which sucked because I really loved the tea tree cream scent! lol.

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