Do we have a free market? Not even close.

I saw this image on Facebook awhile ago. It helps to shed light on the harmful effect market monopolies and corporations have on our choices as consumers. For someone who doesn’t realize there are alternatives, it may seem impossible to avoid commercial giants like Proctor and Gamble, who are most notoriously known for animal testing. They dominate the market, and give the illusion that we’ve got many different choices to choose from. This makes it extremely difficult for smaller companies to get started, because they can’t compete with these giants fiscally, or proportionally. This is why I fully support the practice of agorism. As the Ludwig von Mises Institute states, agorism is a practice that “(based on the principle of counter-economics) promotes withdrawing from the state and using counter-economic activities to minimize what a person contributes to the state in the form of taxes, license fees, and so forth”. In other words, an agorist lives freely, and peacefully, and participates in the marketplace by offering a service or product, without bowing down and getting government licenses, or jumping through whatever hoops required to make their business legitimate, by government standards. We aren’t free people if we require government paperwork to give credit to our business (as if some pieces of paper make us run our business betterl). An agorist operates on the principles of peace, and voluntary interaction.  I know several, and they are all amazing and commendable people.

And if you think we need the government to show us how to properly run our businesses, I’d love to ask why? If you and I are such fallible human beings, how are the human beings working for the government any less fallible (and to think, they’re the ones handling tax dollars and running the country – what a joke!)?

Got a little off the beauty-track here, but this needed to be said!


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  1. Did you know FB tracks your web activity even when you’re logged out? Next time you log on, notice how many related sites or things you like come up in the ad sidebars that may be related to a recent google search you did. Apparently they have some kind of lawsuit against them for this. It’s just crazy these days.

    • haha I never even log out! Interesting. I never click on those ads anyways, but yes I have realized this. Ads become oddly similar to what I’ve checked out online, or to what my interests are. It’s creepy more than anything!

      • Agreed! I do appreciate the privacy features on Facebook with regards to searching and finding people, though. And also, I don’t even use my real last name. I don’t really worry about it myself. But yes those ads are creepy! Hahahaha

      • Storybookapothecary has some really good advice. FB is definitely the new big brother – as well as uncle Google. I have deleted my account with both and I don’t miss them!

      • I enjoy Facebook, and have my personal profile pretty private. I don’t even think people who aren’t friends of my friends can search for me. I also have recently got really hooked on Instagram!

    • Glad you saved it for future reference, hon! I’m tempted to bring it with me to the store and harass / complain to them about the lack of variety of products they’re carrying. Just to be a pain in the arse.

      • Haha awesome. Yeah we’re very limited as consumers. First of all, there’s no warning on cruelty-products, but second of all, God knows who their mother company is!
        You seriously need to carry around an image like this, and a cruelty list. And a phone with internet is even better. Everywhere. -_-‘

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