New vanity set up, and video blogs in the future?

The past few days I have spent lots of time setting up my brand new vanity! It was a birthday gift, and I am beyond thrilled to have it set up and looking good. For those curious, it came from Ikea, and I picked up all the organizers in the draw from a dollar store. The great thing about this vanity is that it comes with a glass top, and the big drawer already has an insert, so that if you spill any product, it won’t ruin the drawer.

This lovely vanity did not come with a mirror – but I already had a large wall mirror, so it worked out quite well 🙂

Who knew!? The inserts in my drawer all came from the dollar store. They were between $.50 and $2.50 each! Perfect for everything in a way that makes it easy for me to get purdy in a hurry!

Closeup on the insert action we’ve got going here!

Now that I’ve got my vanity all set up, and my make up / skin care stuffs organized, I’ve been considering the idea of filming videos for everyone. I don’t want to speak for every beauty blogger, for I know a lot of us think about the idea. I *know* I will come across as crazy, but people say that is part of my charm. I would be awesome to see all of you lovely beauty bloggers do videos. Let’s embrace our awkwardness, and possible insanity.


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