A Quick Recommendation: Acne.org

I made a post about essential oils a little while back – yes, it is true. Using too many oils, too much at a time, can really eff with that sweet face and bod of yours. It is important to figure out what works and what doesn’t work for your skin type! Unfortunately, that means we have to experiment, and breakouts are inevitable. It can be extremely perplexing for those of us who prefer to stick to cruelty-free brands when we shop. After a recent breakout (and I rarely break out beyond one zit here and there), I found myself at a loss at the drug store. I wanted to find a benzoyl peroxide treatment that was from a cruelty-free source, and failed miserably!

Upon doing some research, I stumbled onto a community called Acne.org. The founder, Dan Kern, offers acne sufferers a community in which to gather. There are how-to videos, advice, product reviews; it is essentially a one-stop shop for everything healthy skin! The site is supported solely by the profits of The Regimen, which is a 3-step acne treatment program formulated by Dan himself. It includes a gentle cleanser, benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, and a moisturizer. Extras include alpha hydroxy Acid (an exfoliant), and jojoba oil (he is as into jojoba oil, as I am into coconut oil!).

While many of the product reviews include products that aren’t cruelty-free, I was pleased when I heard back from Brandy at Acne.org, who confirmed with me that the products sold in the Acne.org store are in fact 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Not only this – they are affordable!

Check ’em out!


6 responses

  1. Have you tried these products? I have also been looking for a benzoyl peroxide treatment that’s not from a questionable source… I will probably order, but am curious what your opinion is!

    Also wondering if you’ve used rosewater as a toner/astringent?

    • I haven’t tried them personally, but I have used BP, and with enough dedication to a routine with it, it really does work better than anything else I’ve tried. I have used rose water! I don’t typically “tone”, because I’ve never found a real difference when I do. But I do use rose water, and also lavender water, whenever I feel the need for some extra moisture!

    • Ha ha ha – yes, I’ve read a lot about the towel bleaching. Salicylic acid doesn’t seem to do much of anything for me. Perhaps when I run out my current supply of skin care products, I will order the Acne.org stuff. He even has travel-sized amounts! Definitely a great way to support other acne sufferers. The community is very supportive and welcoming!

    • Only thing is, to get full benefits of BP you need to use it for an extended period of time (like at least a month), but if you’ve used BP before and your skin is used to it, then yeah the travel size is a great idea 🙂

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