Who is this anarchist, and is she really classy?

I’m a little silly. Just a little. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who is this insane, fowl-mouthed maniac?

The name’s Aly, everyone! I’m a 29 year old lady hailing from Ottawa Canada.

What inspired her to begin this blog?

This blog has been years in the making. I do love to write, but even more so, I love sharing ideas with others. I found myself with this passion for skin care, and was no longer satisfied with sharing it with close friends (despite how rewarding that has been). I felt that with a blog I could reach a much larger audience, and get to know others who are passionate about similar stuffs.

What is your stance on going cruelty-free?

Those who know me know that I am anything but an absolutist. And this also goes for my stance on living cruelty-free. I like to focus on minimizing harm, but it is virtually impossible to constantly be sourcing every purchase you make, from day to day. I eat meat, and see nothing wrong with it (though I avoid purchasing factory farm meats, and do my best to eat only local, roam-free, more ethical sources). I’m doing my best to constantly keep up with what is and isn’t cruelty-free, but I am not going to beat myself up if I use a product that I discover isn’t. I also don’t live in a household that follows a cruelty-free philosophy. My favourite YouTube beauty gurus are in no way cruelty-free focused, but I still love them and thank them for inspiring me.

Oooh, beauty gurus, eh? Spill!

My two favourite YouTube beauty gurus are Holly Ann-Aeree, and Tiffany D. I have been watching them for quite a few years, and I definitely credit these two wonderful women with much of my makeup know-how.

What are the primary focal points of this blog?

The Classy Anarchist features articles and tales all written by myself; the articles are catered to cruelty-free options for skin care and beauty products. I love helping people discover cruelty-free options that are affordable and work well! You will occasionally stumble upon a rant on government, politics, and my feelings towards the State.

Now that you mention government, what is your stance?

Agora, Anarchy, (peaceful) Action!

Despite this blog being titled The Classy Anarchist, it isn’t that often that I discuss politics or philosophy. For the sake of definitions, I would consider myself a market anarchist. My perspective comes from the understanding that Government, as we see it today, operates under the threat of violence.ย  I don’t think it should be required ofย  adult people to ask for permission to conduct themselves in ways they deem fit – so long as they are not impeding on the growth or well-being of others. I believe in peaceful, voluntary association, and refuse to believe that some politician knows what is better for me than I do. I disagree with taxation, government licensing, and consider democracy to be a horrible way for people to organize themselves (at least as we see it here in Canada). All of this said, I am grateful to be living in Canada, in comparison to what other shitty life card I could have pulled, but that does not prevent me from thinking outside of the box, and always wanting to improve upon my quality of life. Agorism, is a natural extension of the market anarchist philosophy. Agorism is a form of counter-economics, and can be considered market activity that is done without government permission, and focuses on voluntary exchange between consenting individuals (ie payment for a product, or service). It is an effort to work against the regulated state-controlled market. If you have any further questions about market anarchism, or agorism, please feel free to either contact myself, or visit these websites: Free Talk Live (a fabulous liberty-oriented syndicated talk radio show), visit Anti-State.com, or just Google the terms and start reading!

Now that I mention it – like what you see here at The Classy Anarchist? I put a lot of thought, time, and energy into this site. I’m constantly thinking of ways to make it better for you, the reader. I have now gotten into the fabulous world of Bitcoin, and have set up a donate option for those who enjoy showing appreciation in BTC! Here is my Bitcoin address for anyone who would like to drop me a much appreciated donation in Bitcoin form: 1KUczQWnkzKFZq5QSqtdkXHmt4ougSaQZo

I take it you’re an animal lover; do you have a favourite animal?

Yes, actually. I have always had a strong love for the sloth. They are such inquisitive, and silly creatures. I’ve always wanted to learn more about them. It is a dream (and personal goal) of mine to volunteer at the Sloth Rescue Center in Costa Rica, at some time in my future. Check out this Huffington Post article about the orphanage, and watch this YouTube video of life at the rescue center. Please, make a donation, and help these amazing people!

Yay, sloths! So what can I expect, when I subscribe to The Classy Anarchist?ย 

Product demos, skin care tips, rants about whatever insanity is on my mind, awesome products that I just won’t shut up about, makeup looks, my purdy nails, my skin care and beauty staples, and my attempts to keep up with what is and isn’t a cruelty-free brand.

I’m always looking to connect with others, so whether you be a beauty blogger, liberty lover, or just find this shit interesting, please leave a comment! You may email me at theclassyanarchist@gmail.com, if you have any questions or comments, or would like to work with me!

Before you go, say hello to Stella! She’s my sweet sweet cat daughter, who I adopted from the local Ottawa Humane Society, in early 2004. She may have severe allergies and health problems, but I love her to bits anyways.


22 responses

  1. I’m confused as to what this page has to do with Anarchism at all. I do not mean to be rude, it just seems like a lot of people call themselves anarchists these days when they mean to call themselves Propertarians. You can email me if you would like, I am interested in creating a network of pan-anarchists (all types of course)

    • Sure, I’ll definitely send you an email. This blog is primarily about beauty-related things, but I am an anarchist. Hence why I call myself The Classy Anarchist. If I had to define myself with an anarchist term, I’d say anarcho-capitalist or voluntarist. My blog as a whole is not meant to discuss anarchism, minus the here-and-there ramblings (oh, and the Porcfest blogs!).

  2. Sorry, I should have realized that it was just in the title! I did notice a lot of articles on beauty aids!
    While I may consider myself opposed to most forms of capitalism, haven’t read enough on Agorism or Voluntaryism yet, I do find it sad that so many Anarchists are at each others throats! It seems contradictory to find that amongst Anarchists of different hypens there is the most conflict, you’d think we would be united against the statists and authoritarians of all flavors and leave the nit-picking over Anarchist philosophy for after the revolution haha.
    This may seem like rambling, I have just noticed lately that the Anarchists of different hyphens have been arguing with each other more than arguing against those we oppose the most, the State and the Church in its many ugly forms.
    Oh, and I live in NH, I don’t consider myself wholly aligned with the FSPers but I do like the anti-state aspect of it, maybe I will be there this year?
    Keep in touch if you would like to talk/network or something, I’m always on the look-out for articulate radicals, especially if they are somewhat in the same geographic area. I’ll confess I’ve only been to Quebec province! I was in Asbestos/Beaulac-Garthby of all places, not even in the city itself ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • There will be plenty of agorism happening at Porcfest, and I can’t wait to be a part of it. In my opinion, capitalism has been given a bad name by governments who only want to use it to their advantage and help corporations, all the while making sure the small business guy finishes last.

      I myself have met so many great anarchists, minarchists, and liberty-lovers alike through the FSP and the movement in New Hampshire, so I really have nothing bad to say about the FSP. Even within the liberty movement, people have so many different ways they see fit to go about minimizing or abolishing the state. Whether it be through politics or agorist or civil disobedience routes. I’m definitely more on the agorist/civil disobedience side, but with politics in New Hampshire, there has been a positive influence by liberty-minded people (at least from what I’ve heard and read). We are all working towards liberty, so it is important to remember that we are on the same team (for the most part). I’m definitely not an absolutist(ie my way or the highway); I don’t think that is any way to live.

      Add me on facebook if you like — I am Alyson Margaret.

      PS, I’ve never even heard of that area of Quebec, though I’ve been in many different areas of the province. This trip to Porcfest will be my first time out of Canada!

      • I can imagine. I think that political science is a way to understand anarchism ! Both are connected because they look at the same subject but with different approaches. Ignorant people tend to go against things they do not understand.

  3. a minor is the opposite of a major. For example, my major is ethics (the major focus of my degree), and I had a minor in political science (a smaller portion of courses devoted to political science). That help?

  4. Hello! Just thought I’d let you know that after reading your blog it has inspired me to go through all of the products I use and clean out the ones that are harmful to myself and to animals. I’ve always been conscious of big brands and what they do, but I feel a lot more enlightened now! I also went and bought some essential oils and omega supplements to kick-start a new lifestyle I’m gonna try out, so to speak. I was wondering though, if you know of any way to reduce redness of the face without using makeup? It’s not a huge problem of mine, but some days are worse than others.
    Thanks for reading, and for sharing your knowledge/passion. Awesome internet find!

    • Wow! Your kind words are so inspiring, and I love reading feedback like this. Going cruelty-free is a constant learning process for myself still, as sometimes brands change their policies for the worse, and I do my best to stay up to date! Lavender essential oil is great for redness, and soothing the skin. Chamomile works great too. Also avoiding products with harsh alcohols has been a great help in reducing the redness around my nose (plus the bad alcohols dry out your skin, leaving it more susceptible to redness and irritation). Thank you so much for reading, and I wish you luck on your new lifestyle change!

  5. I always love your posts Alyson, and sometimes I feel like I email you too much, lol. But I love hearing your take on things ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So happy to have found your blog! Feel like we are like minded in many ways. International Studies degree with Philosophy minor. Libertarian. Youtube beauty guru addict with Michele1218, Tiffany D, and Pixiwoo as some of my faves. I own an independent healthy pet food store and work part time at Whole Foods (the skin care section being my absolute my heaven).
    Can’t wait to read more…
    Mary from AL

    • Mary, have you visited New Hampshire yet? Once I’ve tied up all my lose ends here, I plan to move as part of the Free State Project! I have never been to a Whole Foods, but I would love to check out their skin care section! Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. It’s so great to see a fellow Canadian cruelty-free blogger. I read through a few of your most recent posts and it’s great to read your perspective on things. ๐Ÿ™‚

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