Time for Scrooge to weigh in on the holidays..

Bear with me here – I’m writing this while helping my boyfriend long-distance shop for shirts (how ironic).

Here in Canada we have a holiday on the 26th of December, which is known as Boxing Day. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Boxing Day – it has nothing to do with boxes, nor is it a celebration of the sport of boxing (how dare they — boxes are GREAT). It is essentially a Black Friday equivalent, where people extend their Christmas lists and use the sales as an excuse to go credit card crazy — one final time (I swear). This damned event is now practically an entire 2 weeks, which makes someone like myself (who is largely a saver) dread doing basic day-to-day things like grocery shop, where I purchase essentials like steak (if they’re on sale), takeaway containers (buy one, get one free), and a vast array of yoghurt & kefir products (did you know your GUT is your body’s major mood regulator? — GOOGLE IT).

In years past, I’d flock to the stores like anyone else. I made attempts attain happiness by making sure I had at least a handful of amazing new things (SO AMAZING), and I’d beam with excitement (the most fucked up sense of pride) as people saw me carrying my new goodies through the mall. This comparable-to-heroin-high fades like it always does, and eventually I’d be latching onto the next apparent source for happiness. With that said — the makeup and clothes I’ve purchased from years back were pretty great buys. Just sayin’. Now that I don’t want to buy any of the stuff, I’m actually using what I’ve bought in previous years.

What’s changed? Did I reach Nirvana? Am I like that frugal creep on TLC, who pees into bottles to avoid flushing her toilet? I, like many people today, am in debt. While I still maintain good credit, it was about two years ago that I started getting more of a handle on my finances. Once you face your finances, and start paying off your credit cards and student loans, saving money actually becomes fun (yes, I am a loser). On the rare occasion that I do shop, my mind is occupied with thoughts of, “do I need that?” or “will that benefit my life in any major long-term way?” If the answer is no, I’m probably not going to buy it (especially if it is full price). Of course there are some exceptions, as I still like to enjoy a glass of whiskey somewhat regularly (no, this isn’t where I tell you I’m a drunk). I have never noticed, nor will I ever accept, that the 2-3 bottles or less of whiskey that I buy in a month cause any damage to my finances(I ain’t buyin’ Cristal).


On top of my general distaste for 99% of the human population, drastically cutting down on spending has limited my social life, because I no longer go out to bars, clubs, or restaurants – that I don’t really care to go, in the first place. My boyfriend is also a fabulous cook and personal chef, so going out to eat is pretty much the equivalent of breaking up with him (in the worst way). As someone who thrives online, and has a boyfriend who lives several hundred miles away (we see one another for about a week, once every month), the local social scene has little to offer me. I’m sure it is do-able if you wish to have a hip-happening social life, but all I want is a cool skin care blog, and unlimited green tea.

When I am rolling my millions in ten years, you can thank me for inspiring you to save. Now if you’ll excuse me, the dog I’m currently caring for (yes, I make money over the holidays) needs me to wipe her disgusting jowls.

Was this post too Jew-y for you?


Are your gums sore? It could be your dental floss!

I attempted to fight the morning urge to get out of bed and blog, but why fight such a good thing? After about 45 minutes of trying to go back to sleep, I hauled myself out of bed around 6:45am, and here I am some time later (after being awake until about 3am last night), ready to write to you about something I really needed to mention.

First, let me say this: I love me some healthy gums. This isn’t a rant about how unhealthy it is to floss. Gotta get those chicken wing bits out from between our teeth somehow, eh!?

Store brand drugstore floss (left); sketchy dollar store floss (right)

The reason for this post began several weeks ago; it goes back to a purchase I never ever should have made: at the Dollar Store. I love dollar stores! I go there to buy my boxes, travel containers, organizers, cups, stickers, shipping supplies, nail files; the list is endless. Several weeks ago, I decided to buy the dental floss. I was there; it was cheap. Who could lose!? Bad idea.

I am not quite sure why it hadn’t dawned on me earlier, that I should include floss in the “don’t go there” category of dollar store goodies. The product seemed legit enough to me.

And this is where my aching gums began. About 3 days after using this dollar store floss, my gums began to ache. They didn’t bleed, but they ached. My entire mouth began to ache, in fact. It became painful to brush, and my entire gums would ache for about 10 minutes post-floss.

Thankfully, the solution was easy. I had been using some of my boyfriend’s flosser sticks that he buys, and noticed the ache became less and less each time I flossed. So I splurged and picked up the store brand of floss at the drug store. It has been about a week and a half not using the sketch dollar store floss, and my gums are loving life again!

So the question is: what on earth was in that damned floss to cause so much pain in my gums? I have yet to find any information online as to what the culprit is! Any ideas, folks!? What on earth do they coat that shit with!?

I am always for cutting costs, but spend that extra $2 and go for the drug store floss! Even better, let’s hear thoughts on natural/organic/health-conscious floss from brands such as Desert Essence, Tom’s of Maine, Spry, and others. Side note: Spry’s toothpaste is fabulous, by the way. Expect an article about that gem in the near future.

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I’ve really been into hair, as of late!

The obligatory nail shots – of course!

Plus some hi-lights of my summer!

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New vanity set up, and video blogs in the future?

The past few days I have spent lots of time setting up my brand new vanity! It was a birthday gift, and I am beyond thrilled to have it set up and looking good. For those curious, it came from Ikea, and I picked up all the organizers in the draw from a dollar store. The great thing about this vanity is that it comes with a glass top, and the big drawer already has an insert, so that if you spill any product, it won’t ruin the drawer.

This lovely vanity did not come with a mirror – but I already had a large wall mirror, so it worked out quite well 🙂

Who knew!? The inserts in my drawer all came from the dollar store. They were between $.50 and $2.50 each! Perfect for everything in a way that makes it easy for me to get purdy in a hurry!

Closeup on the insert action we’ve got going here!

Now that I’ve got my vanity all set up, and my make up / skin care stuffs organized, I’ve been considering the idea of filming videos for everyone. I don’t want to speak for every beauty blogger, for I know a lot of us think about the idea. I *know* I will come across as crazy, but people say that is part of my charm. I would be awesome to see all of you lovely beauty bloggers do videos. Let’s embrace our awkwardness, and possible insanity.

Do we have a free market? Not even close.

I saw this image on Facebook awhile ago. It helps to shed light on the harmful effect market monopolies and corporations have on our choices as consumers. For someone who doesn’t realize there are alternatives, it may seem impossible to avoid commercial giants like Proctor and Gamble, who are most notoriously known for animal testing. They dominate the market, and give the illusion that we’ve got many different choices to choose from. This makes it extremely difficult for smaller companies to get started, because they can’t compete with these giants fiscally, or proportionally. This is why I fully support the practice of agorism. As the Ludwig von Mises Institute states, agorism is a practice that “(based on the principle of counter-economics) promotes withdrawing from the state and using counter-economic activities to minimize what a person contributes to the state in the form of taxes, license fees, and so forth”. In other words, an agorist lives freely, and peacefully, and participates in the marketplace by offering a service or product, without bowing down and getting government licenses, or jumping through whatever hoops required to make their business legitimate, by government standards. We aren’t free people if we require government paperwork to give credit to our business (as if some pieces of paper make us run our business betterl). An agorist operates on the principles of peace, and voluntary interaction.  I know several, and they are all amazing and commendable people.

And if you think we need the government to show us how to properly run our businesses, I’d love to ask why? If you and I are such fallible human beings, how are the human beings working for the government any less fallible (and to think, they’re the ones handling tax dollars and running the country – what a joke!)?

Got a little off the beauty-track here, but this needed to be said!

Roller derby is where it’s at!

Went  to see my favourite roller derby team play tonight (the Dolly Rogers)! I’m good friends with a team member whose derby name is Lobster. They provided us die hards with player memorabilia bibs! And they beat the other team by one point! Good game!



I fell in love with GT’s variety of Kombucha beverages, while visiting New Hampshire last January. As soon as I came back home to Ottawa, I immediately kept my eyes open for their Organic Raw Kombucha drinks in health food stores, across the city (it was nowhere to be seen in grocery stores here – I found it at major grocery stores in NH)!

I had found other Kombucha beverages, which were still quite good. But many were over-priced, lacked the variety of flavours, and nutritional information that I was looking for.

I dropped in to Market Organics, just on the chance that maybe I’d get lucky, or at least run into a massive selection of cruelty-free skin care. They had recently gotten in GT’s Kombucha drinks! I was psyched. I didn’t feel like carrying too much, at the time, so I only bought two, at $3.99 each. But I found out they also offer a 10% student discount everyday.

There are a myriad of health benefits to consuming Kombucha! It contains healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, which can help with digestive problems or even possibly moods. I take a probiotic supplement to help my digestion, and my energy levels. You can also find probiotics in yoghurts, kefir, kim chi, and of course kombucha!

I bought two of GT’s Multi-Green Kombucha drinks. I’m crazy about making sure I get enough greens in my diet, and this product contains raw kombucha, blue-green algae, spirulina, and chlorella! On top of this, it is 100% organic. The taste is quite pungent, but so refreshing and awakening, and delicious.

Unique to Gt’s Kombucha beverages (at least, I’ve not seen this on any other Kombucha beverage label),  is they actually list the Probiotic Content within the beverage, so you know exactly what probiotic content you can be expect to get from one bottle.

Here’s the probiotic content for the Multigreen drink:

    • Lactobacillus Bacterium: 1 billion organisms
    • S. Boulardii: 1 billion organisms

While the probiotic content itself does not make up for a good supplement, it certainly adds to it, and the other delicious ingredients I mentioned certainly add an extra punch of health benefits. As I’ve read from many sources, the majority of our body’s serotonin is found in the GI tract! Serotonin is understood to be a major player in our energy and mood levels, and so much more!

Thanks, GT / Synergy Drinks, for creating such an amazing healthy drink!

Face Mask Solidarity: Show me what mask is on your face!

My face is sporting derma e’s Hyaluronic Hydrating mask! $12.99 at Nutrition House!

I have a face mask obsession, and I want to share it with you all. I’ve made several entries about face masks, from making my own, to the ones I’ve bought in store. I can’t get enough of them! The mask I’m wearing in the picture is one of my my favourites. It’s packed with tons of great stuff! Olive oil, avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, chamomile flower extract; just to name a few. It goes on so smooth, and has a very calming light scent.

I’d love to know what all of your favourite face masks are, and if you’re a beauty blogger, feel free to make your own blog post wearing your favourite mask and showing me your face mask solidarity!

Alas, I’ve been away!

I have been a busy woman for these past few weeks! Getting your own business started is quite the job! What kind of business? A dog walking, and animal sitting business! Makes complete sense – I’m an animal lover, and I thought I’d bring it up on my blog because all of my skin care and makeup interests revolve around cruelty-free products.

Take a look at my flyer!

I swear – I’ll get back to what you all enjoy.

Check back this eve for a brand-spankin’ new review!

It’s smoothie time!

My throat’s killing me, I feel as sick as a dog, and the majority of my diet for the day has been medicinal teas. I need something more substantial, tasty, but preferably in liquid form.

So what do I do?

I make a smoothie! This isn’t one of those post-workout protein shakes that includes 3 raw eggs, testosterone, and growls at you each time you take a sip. It’s a healthy smoothie that is dairy-free, packed with greens, and a healthy source of fat.

I hate following recipes, so I general tend to just throw things together, and most of the time it works out (this is why my cooking skills are rather unpredictable and insane).

That is one sad banana...

Here’s what I whipped up this evening:

1/3 of a ripe avocado

1 cup fresh baby spinach

1 ripe (definitely at the end of its prime) banana

2/3 cup of vanilla almond milk (soy would work as well)

3 ice cubes

drizzle of organic honey (optional)

A little fyi: the amounts are all changeable, depending on how much or how little you want to taste the spinach and avocado. This ain’t baking science (I will NOT blog about my bread making adventures).

I threw all of this stuff into the blender, and blended it up into this delicious green goodness. I don’t know about you, but I have a serious fetish for green smoothies.

The only thing I would change is the temperature – the colder this smoothie is – the better. Also, I am not a huge fan of ripe bananas. I prefer them when they are about 50% green, so it was a little sweeter than I had liked. Even looking at that picture of the over-ripe banana makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Hmmm, so back to some more appealing talk (I REALLY hate ripe and over-ripe bananas).

green goodness ❤

This was the final product! I apologize for my lack of a pretty glass, and cute little foodie decorations (I’m a poor student for pete’s sake!). I just wanted something quick to drink back before I went to sleep for the night. And yes – I ALWAYS drink my smoothies out of beer mugs.

Avocado is a great way to add healthy fats and a smoother consistency to your smoothies and shakes. I find ice cream shakes to be way too sweet, and all that dairy tends to have some rather unwanted effects on me (need I say more?).

And it is with this green smoothie that I cheers with you all to good health, and freedom!