Are your gums sore? It could be your dental floss!

I attempted to fight the morning urge to get out of bed and blog, but why fight such a good thing? After about 45 minutes of trying to go back to sleep, I hauled myself out of bed around 6:45am, and here I am some time later (after being awake until about 3am last night), ready to write to you about something I really needed to mention.

First, let me say this: I love me some healthy gums. This isn’t a rant about how unhealthy it is to floss. Gotta get those chicken wing bits out from between our teeth somehow, eh!?

Store brand drugstore floss (left); sketchy dollar store floss (right)

The reason for this post began several weeks ago; it goes back to a purchase I never ever should have made: at the Dollar Store. I love dollar stores! I go there to buy my boxes, travel containers, organizers, cups, stickers, shipping supplies, nail files; the list is endless. Several weeks ago, I decided to buy the dental floss. I was there; it was cheap. Who could lose!? Bad idea.

I am not quite sure why it hadn’t dawned on me earlier, that I should include floss in the “don’t go there” category of dollar store goodies. The product seemed legit enough to me.

And this is where my aching gums began. About 3 days after using this dollar store floss, my gums began to ache. They didn’t bleed, but they ached. My entire mouth began to ache, in fact. It became painful to brush, and my entire gums would ache for about 10 minutes post-floss.

Thankfully, the solution was easy. I had been using some of my boyfriend’s flosser sticks that he buys, and noticed the ache became less and less each time I flossed. So I splurged and picked up the store brand of floss at the drug store. It has been about a week and a half not using the sketch dollar store floss, and my gums are loving life again!

So the question is: what on earth was in that damned floss to cause so much pain in my gums? I have yet to find any information online as to what the culprit is! Any ideas, folks!? What on earth do they coat that shit with!?

I am always for cutting costs, but spend that extra $2 and go for the drug store floss! Even better, let’s hear thoughts on natural/organic/health-conscious floss from brands such as Desert Essence, Tom’s of Maine, Spry, and others. Side note: Spry’s toothpaste is fabulous, by the way. Expect an article about that gem in the near future.


New vanity set up, and video blogs in the future?

The past few days I have spent lots of time setting up my brand new vanity! It was a birthday gift, and I am beyond thrilled to have it set up and looking good. For those curious, it came from Ikea, and I picked up all the organizers in the draw from a dollar store. The great thing about this vanity is that it comes with a glass top, and the big drawer already has an insert, so that if you spill any product, it won’t ruin the drawer.

This lovely vanity did not come with a mirror – but I already had a large wall mirror, so it worked out quite well 🙂

Who knew!? The inserts in my drawer all came from the dollar store. They were between $.50 and $2.50 each! Perfect for everything in a way that makes it easy for me to get purdy in a hurry!

Closeup on the insert action we’ve got going here!

Now that I’ve got my vanity all set up, and my make up / skin care stuffs organized, I’ve been considering the idea of filming videos for everyone. I don’t want to speak for every beauty blogger, for I know a lot of us think about the idea. I *know* I will come across as crazy, but people say that is part of my charm. I would be awesome to see all of you lovely beauty bloggers do videos. Let’s embrace our awkwardness, and possible insanity.