If you’re going to use conditioner – try this one.

My extended stay in America has been fabulous. The repeated failure of Greyhound to take me home has resulted in a complimentary voucher for the next time I travel, and extra time for me to spend with my boyfriend and other NH lovelies. I’ve been here since December 5th, and don’t leave for home until tomorrow. I’m already eager to return for New Years Eve.

gosh-cosmeticsWith that said, I can never get my brain to stop with the many blog possibilities. I was hesitant to post about this almost daily winter-time love of mine, because I fear the cruelty-free status of this product is questionable. If anyone has any information on the cruelty-free status of Goshgoshmuchmore Cosmetics – feel free to comment below!

Peta still continues to list them on their Companies That Don’t Test list, however, when I click on the link to their site (GoshAmericas.com), I get a generic “page cannot be found” message. They still exist at Gosh.dk (their Danish website), so I am hoping they are undergoing some sort of overhaul on their American website.

Their Much More Moist! Conditioner is a product I’ve used in the colder months, when just using apple cider vinegar or white vinegar as a rinse won’t cut it. The product includes ingredients like seaweed, honey, and hyaluronic acid. It’s got a unique smell to it – kind of.. vegetable-y? I am not sure if I’m smelling the beet root in it, or what.

I use a small amount of this conditioner (which comes in a convenient pump, and lasts just about forever), on the ends of my hair, and leave it in for about 3-5 minutes in the shower. It leaves my hair so soft and looking lovely. It has a relatively short list of ingredients, which I prefer to the extensive lists I see in many cosmetics / skin care products. It often goes on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $7-8. If you’ve got dry hair, and would prefer not to go without conditioner, I’d suggest you check this out 🙂


You can have too much of a good thing!

A couple of entries ago (here, if you’d like to read), I posted about how to make your own baking soda, and apple cider vinegar hair washes/rinses. I wanted to post an update about this to explain how I’ve made it work best for me!

For those of us who’ve played around with custom moisturizers, cleansers, hair elixirs, and other DIY goodies, I’m sure we have all realized just how potent and powerful essential oils can be. The point of switching to a “no ‘poo” cleansing method is to cleanse and condition without all the excess product. The last thing we want to do is weigh our hair down!

my hair – drying, post-shower, sans product, and super shiny + purdy! All sans shampoo + conditioner. 🙂

Natural highlights, from all the lemon juice I used this past winter!

I no longer add essential oils to the baking soda / water mixture. I just use baking soda and water, and pour enough of the product over my scalp and hair, and gently rub my scalp with my fingers as I wash.

As for the apple cider vinegar rinse – essential oils are completely optional for this too. I used both mixtures sans essential oils for months, and my hair was quite fabulous. I find that the extra moisture does help, though. And I’m always looking for ways to help others make their hair extra awesome.

For myself, I’ve added 1-2 drops of ONE essential oil of my choice into the ACV mixture. I find this isn’t too much, and my hair feels much more weightless than if I’ve added multiple EOs. This is a great opportunity to experiment and see which oil you most prefer! The ACV will handle your hair’s cuticles, detangle, and ensure your hair is fabulously shiny.

Thanks for reading!

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