Porcfest 2011 Series – More great donations!

For those who have been following my Porcfest blogs, you know I am organizing the silent auction this year. We’ve talked about the donations of artist Victor Pross, and web developer Franz Honer. There are other generous donations I have also received, and I’d like to be able to give them a mention here!

Ruby Nicole Hilliard, an accomplished artist and liberty lover, has offered up a piece of her art for the silent auction, which I am very excited about! She is not yet sure which piece she will be donating, but feel free to browse her portfolio at her website. Her online portfolio demonstrates her ability to use a variety of different mediums that result in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

With each different category of pieces on her website, she briefly indicates how she achieves the artistic effect of each. For her Faux Finishes, she uses a “Papier MachĂ© Applied Technique with Metallic Paint and Multiple Transparent Glazes.” Um, AWESOME! Go take a look!

She will be donating a piece from her porcuflower collection, not to mention she will also be bringing other different pieces to Porcfest, if you are interested in purchasing any.

Our next contributor is Darryl Perry, who is the Owner and Managing Editor of the Free Patriot Press, and the Founder and Executive Director of LAVA (Libertarian, Agorist, Voluntaryist & Anarch authors). The Free Patriot Press features blogs from Lew Rockwell, as well as it’s own liberty-oriented news. LAVA is an author and publishing association , and home of the LAVA Awards. The winners of the LAVA award will be revealed at Porcfest this year! Darryl has offered up several books for the silent auction, including Tarrin Lupo’s Pirates of Savannah, The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua, The Double Speak Dictionary, and Withur We. The latter three are available for purchase on Free Patriot Press’s website.

If any of you are interested in making a contribution to the silent auction, please contact me on Facebook!


Porcfest 2011 Series – More awesome contributions to the Silent Auction

We all know that a strong sense of entrepreneurship exists in the liberty community. Many of us prefer to be our own boss, and while I’m not at that point yet, I can still envy and go on and on about those who have been able to take their skills and make a living out of them.

The next contributor that has come forward to donate his talents is web developer Franz Honer. Franz contacted me and offered up his web developing and consulting services as a donation. As someone who has been working professionally in the web design business for over 10 years, Franz has the expertise and insight required to advise you on how to start your own website for fun or for business purposes. He has put forth a donation of a gift certificate, which entitles the winning bidder to three hours of Franz’ hard work and expertise put towards developing your identity on the web, or any other of the services he mentions below!

You can visit Franz’s website for further information about him and his services at www.franzhoner.com, and discover the “many hats” Franz wears, which enable him to provide guidance for all elements — from consulting, to design, or marketing — of your web developing project.

Franz first heard about the Porcupine Freedom Festival through the Free State Project, of which he is a participant. He moved from Maine to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project in 2008, and he cannot wait to see you all at this year’s Porcfest!

Porcfest 2011 Series – The Silent Auction

Time is just flying by! With just six more weeks until the beloved Porcupine Freedom Festival, Facebook and other open forums of discussion are bursting with excitement and chatter about the summer liberty event!

I’d like to take some time to talk about several events at Porcfest. I wish I could write about everything, but that would leave me blogging until I had dementia and lived in the senior’s home. Since I’ve been working on organizing the Silent Auction that will be happening at Porcfest this year, I’d like to talk about this first.

We’ve got some great items up for auction this year! I really wanted to focus on getting one-of-a-kind liberty collectibles that represent the flow of ideas and creativity that are very much alive in the liberty community. In this entry I’d like to showcase the first of the contributors, who all have offered up their talents and services for auction!

First, we’ve got Victor Pross; anarchist artist. Victor graciously put together a video talking about the two items he is putting up for auction. These items will be available as package deal for the winning bidder! Unfortunately, Victor will not be at this year’s Porcfest, but hopefully we will see him at Porcfest 2012! As a member of the creative community, Victor expresses his political and philosophical ideas through his art, and has a passion for freedom that we see reflected in his works. He considers Porcfest to be a unique and empowering opportunity to connect with others of like-minds; by contributing two items to the silent auction, he too is able to make his presence known at Porcfest as an artist, a liberty lover, and a supporter of the liberty movement.

So, who is Victor Pross?

“Victor Pross is a professional caricaturist and illustrator. He has been pegged by media as ‘Canada’s foremost caricature artist’ after appearing on a variety of television interview shows. For the 2011 Porcfest event, Victor will be offering up a signed copy of his book ‘Icons & Idols: Pop goes the culture’, and an original caricature painting of George Orwell, a work of art which appears in the book.

‘Icons & Idols’ is an art book which satires all facets of pop culture: Movie stars, musicians, writers and, of course, politicians. Victor Pross is known for his irreverent and extreme caricatures, and this book contains over 160 paintings and drawings of the artist’s work! The book is an eye-popping delight! In addition, a documentary movie is being made about Victor Pross’ art. The film is loosely based on Victor’s book, ‘Icons & Idols.’

Victor Pross has has extensive experience in caricature art, comic art, editorials, game boards, character design, CD covers, print advertisements, etc. He also has high profile commissions to his credit: In 2004, the artist was commissioned to paint Ron Howard’s caricature portrait as a gift for the famous director. He has also been commissioned to paint a head-honcho at the William Morris Agency.”

Check out the video Victor made that showcases his painting and book below, and his YouTube Channel here, where he discusses his ideas about liberty, the state, and gives us a glimpse of many of his amazing works.

Check out Victor’s website to learn more about his art, buy his book, or to learn more about him! Feel free to add him as a friend on Facebook!

Stay tuned for further updates about what you will see at the Porcfest 2011 Silent Auction, and to read more about other events you can take part in this June 20th to 26th!

What am I excited for?

For those who know me, you all know I’m a fan of summer. I love going around in nothing but a bikini, short shorts, and flip flops; you can find me spending tremendous amounts of time in the sun, getting splashed with water guns, and enjoying a drink or two by the campfire. While the summers spent here in Ottawa, Canada are lovely, you can be sure I will be getting to at least several debates that involve me trying to defend my anarchist beliefs, and convince others that I am not the cold-hearted snake anarchists and libertarians are often made out to be.

What if I told you there is a place to enjoy all of these things with others who also believe in liberty? At The Porcupine Freedom Festival, which happens from June 20th to 26th at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster New Hampshire, you can enjoy these simple pleasures, and more. With a full week of events planned, there is something for everyone at Porcfest.

Families, couples, and single people can expect to enjoy a myriad of events that include dabbling into your creative side at the craft tables, organized family hikes, learning the what and the how of firearm etiquette, the chance to marry your loved one at a state-free wedding ceremony, and getting your dance on at Buzz’s BIGGER Gay Dance Party, not to mention, all of George’s Famous Baklava that everyone will be consuming! Yes, that’s right! I said baklava. And these events are just the tip of the iceberg. The Porcupine Freedom festival has everything you need to enjoy time with friends and family, get your party on, and learn more about liberty and the liberty community.

What do I plan on checking out?

Christopher Lawless, Stefan Molyneux, and Gardner Goldsmith during Soapbox Idol at Porcfest 2010. Courtesy of Tennyson McCalla.

Since there are so many fun things going on, I’ll have to pick and choose (I guess we can say this is the one and only downfall of Porcfest — it is simply impossible to check out everything!), but I know I’ll definitely be checking out some of the speakers, who will be giving talks on topics ranging from their experiences as liberty activists, to different possible topics such as the use of nuclear weapons.

Sovereign Curtis, head organizer of Porcfest 2011 is shown here posing at Porcfest 2010. Courtesy of Tennyson McCalla.

I will definitely be getting my groove on at Buzz’s BIGGER Gay Dance Party, checking out Tarrin Lupo’s Pirate Party (Arrrr!), sitting in and watching Ian Freeman and Mark Edge host the nationally syndicated talk radio show Free Talk Live, participating in the game of Humans versus Zombies, and many other events, while most likely partaking in the consumption of several alcoholic beverages. I have never been more excited for an event before in my life!

You can catch me at Porcfest; I will be manning the Silent Auction for certain shifts(if you are interested in donating an item to the auction that you feel would be an item of interest to the liberty community, please respond below), and other than that I’ll be frolicking about Roger’s Campground and finally meeting others who feel the same way I do about liberty!

Just some of the lovely people who came to enjoy Porcfest 2010! Courtesy of Tennyson McCalla.