Get ready for an intensive review.. of Acne.Org’s regimen!

I’ve ordered the bigger size of Acne.Org‘s skin care products, in order to specifically follow The Regimen, plus their AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). I had gone through most of my life acne-free (minus a zit here and there). And then last summer – BAM! Whether the boyfriend and I were doing too much makin’ out (he can grow some mean facial hair), or I started using a product that aggravated my skin, something happened to make my skin break out.  It hasn’t cleared up in any major sense since, though I have started benzoyl peroxide treatment, which has shown some promise so far. I’ll be doing a full review of their cleanser, moisturizer, benzyol peroxide, and AHA! I am so excited to receive these products – the review is going to be super fantabulous.



Sea Buckthorn whaaaaat?

I contacted the lovely folks over at Sibu Beauty a few weeks ago, and they sent me some samples of their delicious skin care products to try. What makes this company stand out to me is their cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fair trade-friendly policy.

Sibu Beauty harnesses the nutrition and restorative power of the Sea Buckthorn berry, which is a berry that grows in the mountains of Tibet. Here is a fun snippet of knowledge from their pamphlet I received: “Sea buckthorn contains protective nutrients including vitamins A, C, E, K, minerals, carotenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, polyphenols, and phytosterols. In fact, over 190 bioactive nutrients have been found in this important fruit of the Himalayas.” On top of this, Sibu’s sea buckthorn berries are full of omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids, and are gluten-free!

I was so excited about these products, that I couldn’t help but order some full size versions of a few Sibu products from Vitacost, which arrived shortly after the samples did!

I have had the products for about 3-4 days, so I am only going to describe exactly it is what I got, and I will be sure to do a review in about a month to give my two cents about each product and my experience with the brand.

I will start with the samples! I received a lovely variety of different Sibu products to try out. Six different products, to be exact.

Sibu Sea Buckthorn products in clockwise order: Daytime Facial Cream, Replenishing Night Cream, Body Cream, Hydrating Serum, Balancing Facial Cleanser, and Age Defying Eye Cream

Check out the full-size versions of Sibu products that I ordered from Vitacost:

Sibu Sea Buckthorn products from left to right: Face and Body Bar, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, and Daytime Facial Cream

Let me first say, the packaging of the moisturizer is absolutely cute and fresh looking! The scent of these products remind me of a creamy citrus smell. The actual sea buckthorn oil smells stronger, almost like some sort of spicy orange citrus tea. In order to make sure my review is as accurate as possible, I am using only Sibu products to cleanse and moisturize my skin (minus my Origins VitaZing on some days).

Sibu’s products have quite the list of skin healing properties, including helping to relieve symptoms of conditions like rosacea, eczema, acne, and dermatitis. It is also suitable for all ages, including kids.

Here is a link to Wikipedia’s entry on the sea buckthorn berry, so check it out! Check back for a full-fledged review of these good-for-you products!

Amazing discount prices! VitaCost!

I am happily sitting down to write this delicious blog post, after a long and satisfying last few weeks of school. Now that exams and final term papers are behind me, I can get down to business and blab about all things skin.

Approximately 2 months ago, I placed my first order with this online skin care and supplement store called VitaCost. This site was recommended by TheSilverLining80 on YouTube (who, unfortunately, has not updated her channel for many months now, which is very disappointing).

Since I had had a great experience ordering from E.L.F., I figured I’d give this other online retailer a shot.

I ordered four products. The first two are from the Alba Botanica Advanced line of products. I already use a few Alba products, and have mixed reviews for them. I was drawn to this line because of the ingredients used, and since I was now more aware of my skin type I figured I could choose products that were best for me.

First, of the Alba products, is the Sea Moss Moisturizer with antioxidants, and SPF 15.

Brief description: I was looking for a daily-wear moisturizer that had SPF, that would be better for summer months when I need not use creams with a high level of oils. This product cost me about $9.50 (and it retails on the Alba website for $14.95). You can find all ingredients to the Alba products on their product description page.

The verdict so far: I was very disappointed when I opened this product. It was covered in dust, and the moisturizer’s expiry date is April 2011! I am sure I can still use it for a few months after, but still! Not cool. Aside from that, the moisturizer goes on quite well, but the weather is still too dry for me to go without mixing it with some oils or other heavier moisturizer. Not bad, but I will probably not re-purchase.

Second is the Deep Sea Facial Mask.

Brief description: This is a delightful clay mask with kaolin clay and green clay, and the best part about it is that you only have to leave it on for 5 minutes. Great if you don’t have time to sit around for 15-20 minutes with a mask on your face. I often do it in the shower. This cost me about $5.50 on the VitaCost website, and it retails on the Alba site for $9.95.

The verdict so far: I love this mask. I mix it with organic honey sometimes, but even on its own it is great for cleansing the skin and helping to reduce and eliminate breakouts. My skin feels very soft after using it, and it doesn’t dry it out. It feels a little strong at first when you put it on, but my skin is sensitive and it has not had any adverse reactions to it. Since you only need to leave it on for five minutes, it doesn’t harden as much as other clay masks, which I find extremely uncomfortable. Very happy with this; will probably re-purchase!

The other two items are rose-related. For those who know me, you know I deal with redness around my nose, and I am always looking for natural ways to help minimize this and soothe my skin. I picked up the Heritage Products Rose Petals Rosewater, which is 8 fl oz for $5.65!

Brief description: about ten dollars cheaper than I had found in health food stores, this comes in a spray bottle so you can spritz it on your face, hair, and it can even be used to flavour your food! It has two ingredients. Vor-Mag water (water that has been vortexed and magnetized to raise the energy to a higher vibration that is beneficial), and Hydro-essential Rose oil

The verdict so far: I use this day and night, after cleansing, and I love it. It is so refreshing, and I rarely use any other toners anymore. It definitely hydrates pretty well for a toner, but I don’t notice much reduction in the redness around my nose, but my skin is a lot softer and less dry around my entire face. If you love the smell of rose, you will definitely enjoy this. The bottle is a substantial size, and I will definitely purchase again.

The fourth product was the Aubrey Organics 100% Organic Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Seed Oil. This product was just under ten dollars on the VitaCost site.

Brief description: pretty much your standard facial oil. It comes in a rollerball type tube that makes applying it pretty mess-free.

The verdict so far: I use this almost every day, and always every night, for added moisture on my face. I am not a fan of the smell, but it isn’t very strong. It can even be used in your hair/on your scalp if you have dandruff or you want to treat your hair, or on your cuticles to moisten them before a manicure! I will definitely buy this again.

Overall, my experience with VitaCost was pretty good. Despite the Sea Moss moisturizer being dusty and almost expired, all other products are great. The order came to less than $35, including shipping! Definitely a better price than I’d get in a local store. I will order from them again.

They have a great selection of skin care products, as well as vitamin supplements, foods, weight loss products, herbs, and more. Check them out and let me know what you think! They often have sales as well, so a good chunk of the time you pay even less.