This was my evening! Ya dig!?

Don’t mind the eyebrows – I feel like I must be part Lebanese, but damn I do my best to keep them under control. My new vanity is really helping to make me even more makeup-crazy! I had so much fun doing this look. And now all I can think of are ways to make it look even better. Sigma brushes are the best thing that has ever happened to my makeup collection. Their vegan Mrs Bunny Kit rocks my world!


Fantabulous Friday’s Featured Favourite!

As you darling readers await my Essie nail polish review, feast your eyes on this goody!

ImageI’d like to tell you all about an Aubrey Organics product. It’s from a travel set I bought when I was visiting New Hampshire earlier this year. They had different travel sets catering to different skin types, and while my skin tends to be dry / combination, I picked up the oily / combination travel set instead, out of curiosity. The entire set cost me just under $10 (love!). The oily / combination skin line was Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract, and came with a Facial Cleansing Lotion, Facial Toner, Moisturizer, and a Soothing Mask. The mask is what I’d like to talk about today.

I’ve been able to get 4 masks so far out of this little bottle, and I think I’ve still got about 2 left! It is clay based, so it’s great for drawing out impurities, calming the skin, and reducing excess oil. I gave the bottle a good shake before I poured some out onto my hand. It was very creamy, light, and oily in texture. A thin layer was applied all over my face, and I left it on for about 20 minutes. Image

It felt very oily, especially for a mask designed for oily / combination skin, but my skin is the kind of skin that can have layer upon layer of essential oils slathered on and only look more amazing the next day.

I used a cloth soaked in warm water to gently wipe the mask off, and oh-so-easily does this mask wipe off. It leaves my face feeling amazingly soft and clean. It definitely helps with oil, and if I have a day where I’m feeling oily in a particular area, it is great for that. It isn’t a harsh mask at all, and has a very calm scent.. very clay-smelling. Is that a smell? Hmm.. well, it is now!

It definitely isn’t just for oily / combination skin. After using it, I thought it was totally appropriate for my dry skin. My skin wasn’t dried out at all after using it. Felt fresh and plump; good to go!

Here are the ingredients, for anyone who is curious: Glycerin, kaolin, aqua, lavandula angustifolia flower water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, oryza sativa syrup*, butyrospermum parkii*, cellulose gum, silybum marianum extract, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, rosa rubiginosa (Rosa Mosqueta®) fruit oil*, aphanizomenon flos aquae*, citrus grandis seed extract, hedera helix extract, spiraea ulmaria extract, clematis vitalba leaf extract, fucus vesiculosus extract, equisetum hyemale extract, laminaria digitata extract, lavandula angustifolia oil, chamomilla recutita flower oil*, vitis vinifera seed extract, alcohol denat. (38b, lavender*), tocopheryl acetate, hamamelis virginiana water, styrax benzoin extract, citrus aurantium dulcis oil, mentha piperita oil, cananga odorata flower oil, epilobium angustifolium extract, ascorbic acid, glycine soja oil, daucus carota sativa root extract, beta carotene.

I really like this mask. I don’t love it, but I’d definitely say give it a try!


My post-mask happy skin face. As excited as I could be the last month of my uni semester!

Have you heard the Crazy Rumors!?

Those who know me know what gets me excited! And this is why I bring you this blog post.

A friend of mine gave me a heads up about a company that makes amazing, cruelty-free, and VEGAN lip products. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to check them out.

They go by the name of Crazy Rumors!
This delightful company sent me some sample products to try out. I received two lip balms from their Fresh Squeezed collection, in Pink Grapefruit Juice, and Limeade.

Top: Pink Grapefruit Juice; Bottom: Limeade. Both: DELICIOUS!

How did my extra-sensitive lips feel about these delightfully citrus and thirst-quenching lip balms?

Let me first list the ingredients for you: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Soy Wax, Natural & Organic Flavors &/or Pure Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Organic Carnauba Wax & Natural Stevia.

They came with me on my trip to New Hampshire, and boy am I glad I had them on hand. Upon application my lips feel so super smooth and moisturized, and not a sign of irritation since I began using them. If I close my eyes and give one of them a smell, I’m taken back to a summer day as a kid, having fun in my backyard and drinking freshly-made juice mom made. They even remind me of those delicious low-sugar homemade juice popsicles she would make!

Citrus not your thing? Not a problem! Crazy Rumors has gumball, soda, tea, coffee, ice cream, candy cane, and even a mystery-inspired scent!

While Crazy Rumors is dedicated to providing the consumer with cruelty-free vegan products, they also provide the opportunity for consumers to make a contribution, through their purchase, to the Leaping Bunny Program. This program is part of a growing movement to identify to consumers which products and companies avoid the use of animal testing anywhere down the line of production. If you pick up Crazy Rumors’ Leaping Bunny balm (a to die for plum apricot scent), 50% of each purchase is donated to the Leaping Bunny program.

As a consumer who cares where my products come from, and how they were made, I appreciate knowing my lip balms were made a) via cruelty-free methods, b) with vegan ingredients, and c) knowing that funds from certain products are going towards the much-needed cause of animal welfare awareness.

Not to mention, these products don’t cost a fortune! Vegan products don’t have to be insanely over-priced and out of budget for the everyday person. Each delightful Crazy Rumors balm (except for the Leaping Bunny balm, which is $3.99 each, and their HibisKiss line of lip colours, which is $4.99 each), will cost you a whopping $3.49 (yes, that’s correct) each! Want em all? Each collection can be purchased in a sweet little boxed set! And in return for your purchase, you will have delectably soft, and satisfied lips.

What lip balms do I want to try out next? A friend of mine who orders from them regularly picked me up two other flavours (I just can’t help but call them flavours – I’ll try not to eat them;). Peppermint Lemongrass, from the Brew collection, and Ginger Ale from the Soda Pop collection!

I’ll be sure to give you all my input on these.

My only complaint – they don’t last long enough on my lips! Perhaps it’s because I keep licking them off.  As someone with extremely sensitive lips, it is awesome to have found a brand that I can stand behind ethically, and at the same time *love* their products.

Thanks Crazy Rumors! ❤

Porcfest 2011 Series — What delicious eats we have!

Bigger, and better. This is what the Porcupine Freedom Festival has done each year since it began. If you decide to come on down this year (and please do!), be sure to check out many of these entrepreneurial culinary vendors who have come together to cater to all of our unique wants and desires.

When it comes to eats, we all know that George Mandrik Skouras will be whipping together amazing Greek-inspired creations such as the Greek cheese sandwich (he’d better make this one this year!), his famous baklava, and the newly-developed Trainwreck sandwich of ultimate bacon proportions! While it will take much coaxing for this pescetarian to consume any bacon, I bet this sandwich will become the new staple sandwich of Porcfest among bacon-lovers!

While I love me some fried, cheesy, and high-calorie goodies, I was really excited to hear about the healthier selections – this includes many vegan and vegetarian options for those who may love their fellow piglet friends a little too much to consume the wildly tempting(and low-carb;) Trainwreck.

Mimi Bobekunin’s The Stone, is an eatery offering food ranging from American, Italian, vegan, and vegetarian! You will find it inside the Jazz Hall at Roger’s, so please stop by for something delicious; if you find you’ve got a craving, come and satisfy it with a meal, a drink, or perhaps a dessert! To the right we have The Stone’s Poached Strawberries, Peaches, and Mango over Crushed Ice. Can we say – perfect for a hot summer’s day, or what!?

Another healthy option that caught my eye was The Salad Station! Andrew Meininger felt a healthy eating option was missing at previous Porcfests; to change this, he created The Salad Station. Offered at this tasty vendor is side, or dinner-sized salads, and 20 deliciously fresh toppings to choose from!

Hopefully soon, we will see a sample menu from these fine folks!

Stacy Litz has got me intrigued with her holistic health products that she will be offering, and as a huge fan of essential oils (great for aromatherapy, skin care, meditation, and more), I will be sure to check out what she has to offer. Want a tarot card reading? She’s got you covered! Oh, and if you find your tummy rumbling while at her site, try one of her homemade sandwiches! I must also commend her on her excellent template choice for her blog (yeah, we’ve got the same one…)!

If you’d like to get a little crazy at Porcfest, Delia Dubois will be serving up some not “your mama’s” boring old jello shots in the later hours! I’m excited to find out what flavour combos she’s got brewing!

These agorist food vendors are only some of the food options available at this year’s Porcfest! Check back to the Porcfest Vendor Page for updated information on menus and more!